The Allegra Family in Hong Kong


Text: Roberto OFM (2007)

文:白立德 翻譯:劉維喆(2007)

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十月廿日 星期六當天,雷永明神父的家人參訪了我們的聖經學會,以及九龍窩打老道會院。雷神父有三姊妹及兩位親兄弟。三姊妹皆擁抱了修道生活,當中有兩位是 FMM 修女,另一位則入了 Orsolina 修會,進 FMM 其中的一位至今仍活存於世。兩位親兄弟,其中一位育有三個孩子,另一位則有八個。雷神父的七位侄兒姪女們來到香港來一睹他生前所在之處。







On Saturday October 20 the Allegra family visited our Studium Biblicum and our Franciscan House in Waterloo Road , Hong Kong. Fr. Gabriele had three sisters and two brothers. All three sisters embraced religious life (two FMM and one Orsolina); one of them (FMM) is still alive. One of the two brothers had three children and the other one had eight children. Seven of his nephews and nieces came to Hong Kong to see their uncle's places.

They revealed to us their love and affection for fr. Gabriele and his work in China for the Word of God. Some of them just saw him once or twice, but his memory is still very impressed in their mind and heart, because he had a special attention for all of them. One of the nieces told me that everyone had the impression to be his own favorite. He never forgot to write to them for their birthdays and other special feasts. One of the nieces, who is FMA (Salesian) Sister, told me that she received from him more that 100 letters.

They were very impressed to see the place and some objects in Studium Biblicum . They already knew these things from fr. Gabriele's letters, for example the two images of St. Francis and Our Lady of Sorrow in the chapel and also the little baby Jesus from Holy Land. They even told me the story of the friar who carved that little baby Jesus in Holy Land.

Some Hong Kong friends, who last summer went to Sicily to visit fr. Gabriele's native place, were also present. It was a nice exchange of friendship and faith gifts. We also went to visit Canossa Hospital , where fr. Gabriele died, Hong Kong cathedral, one of whose stain-glasses represent fr. Gabriele, and the convent of the Sisters of Our Lady of Sorrow in Shatin, whom fr. Gabriele always followed with paternal care since his first experience in China in Hunan Province. We concluded our day with a nice dinner offered by the Sisters.

















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